Our Values

Faith and Trust in God is first

To instill and keep the family history, founded by Sam Sr. “To lead by example, teaching the values of honesty, integrity, dedication and perseverance; keeping high moral ethics as the backbone of family and company”.


We will treat people with respect and dignity
We will achieve perfect communication in all directions, by listening and welcoming opinions
We will provide a culture that breeds enthusiasm, positive attitudes, innovation and trust
We will foster teamwork and collaboration


We will be honest, forthright and trustworthy
We will uphold the highest ethical standards


We will honor all commitments to our customers and employees
We will only accept personal responsibility and accountability



We will continually improve performance
We will consistently execute excellent planning
We will establish our culture that achieves innovation and creativity
We will deliver superior quality products on time


We will be responsible citizens sensitive to the needs of the community and its people
We focus support to the Spinal Atrophy Foundation, Boys and Girls Clubs, Children’s Hospital, Foundations for Life and others.

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