Tampa Brass & Aluminum is committed to continuous improvement in Quality. This commitment is the driving force behind our ISO 9001 certified Quality Management System; which is certified annually to ensure compliance. The system is constantly reviewed and audited to assure we do things the best way while focusing on constant improvement. This system is designed so that quality is the focus of everyone within the organization. Everyone from office staff, sales, maintenance, production personnel, and managers’ are inspectors.

Our Machine Shop Inspection and Foundry Non destructive testing labs are equipped to provide inspectors the needed resources and tools, proving without any doubt, that the products we manufacture and ship to our customers meet or exceed the prints and specifications. Further, if we feel that even by meeting these specifications and prints, there may be a flaw or issue, we firmly resolve to bring this to the attention of our customer.

TBA’s commitment to our customers is reflected in the numerous awards we have received for quality, in addition to the fine reputation we have earned.

Tampa Brass & Aluminum Engineering is committed to the latest design software in programming and design to maintain compatibility and an engineering competitive edge with the industry. Engineering gets involved early in the process with our sales team to develop a solution that meets our customer’s requirements as it pertains to value, quality, delivery, and design at our best price.

We use Espirit and Solid Works modeling software. Our proficiency in these “Software’s” has improved our consistency in machining complex precision parts maintaining our reputation as a leader in our industry.

Machine Shop Inspection Equipment Highlights:

  • (3) Zeiss programmable Coordinate Measuring Machines
    • Eclipse model with 72” x 48” x 27” base and fully articulating touch trigger probe head.
    • Accura model with 94” x 47” x 39” base and continuous contact scanning head.
    • Both models are fully programmable using the Calypso software
  • (3) Mitutoyo linear height 600 height gages with 40” measuring capacity
  • Scherr Tumico Optical comparator with profile and surface imaging capability and 10X and 20X zoom.
  • VTI pressurized helium leak detection system.

Foundry Inspection Equipment Highlights:

  • Radiography, X Ray – Seifert 320 KVA, 13 MA continuous dual focal points to ASTM E1742 with digital system for high quality images without film.
  • Penetrant inspection, fluorescent dye to ASTM E1417.
  • Heat treat and aging
  • NDT physical and Brinell hardness testing and test bar processing
  • NDT chemical; Spectrometer, spark analyzer
  • Baldwin Universal testing System

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