About the Foundry

Tampa Brass & Aluminum Foundry is how this business began; building bushings and simple castings for the shipyards and phosphate mines. Technology and our desire to be a top quality caster supporting the military and other critical industries have led us into the 21st century.

In No Bake or Air Set; large castings of high quality, supporting defense (submarines, tanks) and commercial (air flow, turbines).

In Permanent Mold, supporting higher quantities, for defense (Humvee, anti-tank) and commercial (power breaker, medical).

In our Hunter 20, green sand that fits within a 20” x 24” envelope.

In support of our castings, we possess all the systems and processes to assure the best in quality and delivery.

  • Cutting and finishing abrasion tools for finishing.
  • Heat treat and aging.
  • NDT lab that performs chemicals, physicals, fluorescent dye penetrant Type I & II and X-ray.
  • Pattern Shop for new patterns, rapid prototyping and general repair and troubleshooting.

Prominent Jobs include:

  • Power Breaker CT Tower (Aluminum 356 permanent mold castings)
  • Electrical switch (Aluminum 356 & Bronze 833, 836, 958 greensand castings)
  • Pump Housings (Aluminum A356 Air-Set castings with multiple passages)
  • Transmission Castings (Aluminum 355 castings for the X200 & X1100 military transmissions)
  • Actuator Housings (High Strength Aluminum 201 Air Set castings machined for Oil Drilling)
  • Electrical Chassis Housings (Aluminum 355 Air-set castings with extensive cooling fins)
  • C-130 Brackets (Aluminum A356 castings machined for non flight components)

Our foundry is self-contained and can provide all relevant certifications assuring our customers castings meet or exceed specification. Our casting team can help integrate your mechanical designs into casting design components that can save you time and money.

Tampa Brass strives to stay diversified by supporting various industries, Oil (Actuators), Defense (Tank, C130, Simulations and Training, Radars and Ground Equipment), Commercial (electrical switches, power breakers, medical, transportation, FAA, etc.).

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