About the Machine Shop

Tampa Brass & Aluminum started machining its own castings in the early 1970’s using Bridgeports and manual lathes. Realizing a need to satisfy our customers by providing a “print to finished part” philosophy, we grew our machining capacity in the late 1970’s.

Prominent jobs include:

  • Navy bracket for a sonar array (bronze casting machined) pictured.
  • Patriot Launcher and Radar (investment castings machined) pictured.
  • Thermal Weapons Rifle Site (investment casting machined) pictured.
  • Zumwalt Dual Band Radar (Aluminum hog outs machined) pictured.
  • Power Breaker Tower and Terminals (Permanent mold castings machined) pictured.

In the early 2000’s, our machine shop developed into manufacturing more complex and precise parts with closer tolerances. We expanded our capabilities and became proficient in machining complex hog outs, investment castings, die castings, in materials of aluminum, bronze, stainless, steels, tungsten and titanium.

Our engineering has evolved into working with Espirit and Solidworks; the same software our top customers use. This makes it easier for us to communicate and share ideas with our customer’s engineers. Getting involved in the design helps us in the production.

As evidenced by our equipment list, (27) state of the art CNC centers include horizontals, verticals, lathes, and grinders. We are dedicated to growth by understanding our customer’s needs and really “partnering” with them. We invest with our partners. This philosophy took hold during our first of two Mentor protégé agreements with the Navy Department of Defense that earned us and our mentor, Raytheon, two Nunn Perry awards. (See award section for more).

Tampa Brass strives to stay diversified by supporting various industries, Oil and Gas (Pumps and Flow), Defense (Launcher, Radar, Missile, Tank), Commercial (electrical switches, power breakers, medical, transportation, FAA, etc.).


  • All types castings, forgings, bar and plate
  • Short and long run quantities, including prototyping
  • (27) 3-4-5 axis CNC turning, horizontal, vertical milling and grinding
  • Complete to print, including finishes and assembly
  • Engineering design and consulting for the most effective methods
  • Espirit and Solidworks modeling

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